To understand what is common between such classes of mental content as a prostitute and a child, we need to go to another level of thinking and to go beyond the “common sense”. Let us start by defining what exactly is included in the words “the archetype of a prostitute”. For this we go back to the history of prostitution and find the point where common sense is not stable. In the third century BC, there were temples where some women were staying – priestesses of Venus. Their faces were hidden under the veil that they were wearing beside saffron dresses and blue azure. In every room was a smell of musk from their cosmetics. When a foreigner came to the temple, the priestess greeted him, danced, bathed, fed and treated with wine. After inviting the foreigner to pray to Venus, they were holding the act of love as a sacrificial offering. At the same time they knew nothing about each other, for the foreigner she was the epitome of femininity, sexual desire and love. For the woman it was a ritual to knight herself in the beauty of her body and sexuality. After some time they were called as “Sisters of Mercy / Grace”, as they had the charm and kindness.


In Babylon there was a tradition where each girl had to come to a church once in her life and stay there until one of the foreigners has chosen her. Then they will have a sexual relationship. She could not refuse the one who has chosen her. After that, according to the tradition, she became a saint in the eyes of the goddess, revered by the people and was able to marry. In addition, she separates the legislation: the state protects her from cursing and she could inherit from her ancestors. During the excavations of Pompeii premises were found that we would call brothels nowadays. There were working worldly prostitutes, the amount of them were much more than the prostitutes from temples, and they received money for their work. In order to distinguish between priestesses of Venus and worldly prostitutes, a law was issued to oblige the girls from the brothels to wear clothes that they can immediately be distinguished from ordinary women. In concrete they had to wear very bright makeup and hair dyed in blue, red or yellow. They were forbidden to go to church and to be in society. Interesting is the fact that men and women could choose between a brothel and temple. The majority chose a brothel. Sometimes committed marriage between the priestesses of the temple and the rulers took place. Such unions were a symbol of fertility. During a change of cultural values monotheism and patriarchy appeared. People began to come to the church to prepare for death. The people began to express woman through the image of Eva – a symbol of seduction and the fall of man. After excitation was censured , abstinence appeared. Sexuality and physicality were not the desired events for the church. A given example is the Christianity worship “the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Before the introduction of Freud’s theory, the child was completely asexual. Freud deconstructed the concept of the child and found that the child becomes an adult what is a process, not a sudden metaphysical phenomenon. The child is not the opposite of adults. Children coexist with an adult. A not developed ego – that combines the archetype of prostitutes and the concept of the child. According to Freud’s theory, there are five stages of psycho-sexual development. For the formation of the ego (“reference point” – I), a person needs to go through the first two stages oral and anal. Then to third latent sexuality, it consists in the fact that sublimation and libido are directed to social activity (the acquisition of knowledge by studying). That is why culture exists.

So child receives sexual impulses, but it can not recognize them. The ability to recognize them will be formed later. Sublimation – a deviation of instincts. When a stagnation occurs in one of the first two stages, it is difficult for man to progress in his development, because for the formation of the super ego parents need to be internalize – moral imperatives in mind. The life stories of the “call girls”, they are often a history of mental drive, which is separated from the love of sex and is aimed at destructive purposes. Prostitutes often call themselves girls or boys, the owner of a brothel “Maman” and the pimp “Papa”. The naming hasn’t got any connection with the age. The point is that they are taking parenthood which is taking decisions for the prostitutes.

The ego of the child is not developed enough in order to say “I will” or “I want”. The child can not talk about itself with ‘I’ up to three years. After the first three years this phenomenon still appears temporarily. The child is not formulating its wishes. Sexuality itself is not exercised, although it is present. The child and prostitute are filled with sexuality and at the same time they are the fetish itself, because they lose their subjectivity. Fetishism is perverted, because it is neither dealing with the subject nor with the object. They are maximum objects that solve nothing. A prostitute can not express her desires to a client – she is a tool, a thing, an object. The child is an object too (it is the one who is committed to manipulation), and its sexuality is realized through this. It can often describe the action, but it would never say that it is the object of violence (e.g. to put clothes which it doesn’t like), it should get the idea of violence from someone. The question is in the decision which it is making by itself. A child can not say anything, it did not seek to become a subject, because it does not know that it can change a role.

Prostitute at once signs an agreement with the client, which can not be canceled. This agreement may not be on paper, it can consist out of three swear words or out of a room key. The prostitute has no responsibility because she does not enjoy sex, it is not her idea – e.g. today oral sex, anal for tomorrow. She puts on those clothes which – according to its pimp – attract the client and not the ones that she likes. During the act itself she isn’t involved emotionally or sexually – she is completely object. The same can be observed with the child. If the child is saying no, the parents often don’t listen, because they “know how better”. An adult is different because it can change its place. It can be converted into an absolutely passive object and return to the active.

Barcelona, 18-JAN-2016                                        Ekaterina Filippova

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