Do we have signifiers related to porn which we were choosing to represent ourselves in order with our jouissance ?

Have you ever been feeling big pleasure and unknown suffering at the same moment? So you know what jouissance is . Macksay and Donato said “It seems that the body was created in order to avoid unnecessary jouissance”.




Jouissance :

Verb is joir ( fr.) which signifies having excessive pleasure. Jouissance contains attraction to the tanatos. What characterized jouissance as a lack. Lack of what is located beyond the principle the desire. Lack of sexuality and death as this can never be said till the end. That is why we never would be able to make borders between desire and its object and between genders because there is always something that can not be said.

As to binary of porn preferences difference, it is an avatar of the binary structure of the signifier and thus of language.

Our languages are heteronormative. Veronique Voruz, a psychoanalyst, who is working now on her next book on Foucauldian criminology, talks about porn as leaving nothing or hardly anything.

With whom are we identifying, while watching pornography? May be we are not identifying ourselves with an actor, but as Slavoj Zizek says,  with a process of voyeurism. Independent of who we are male or female we want to see a pleasure of a woman, plus of her voice.

Subjecto divedido – а : Access to a sexual partner, which is for him the Other, is given to him not otherwise than through what causes his desire. This is fantasm. 

According to Lacan speaking being’s relations between the sexes are not obtained. ( seminar 20 Lacan.)

There are two types of voice masculine and feminine. They are not equivalent or symmetric.

Laurent Goumarre and Gustava Freda argue that the visual field is demystifying the sexual act in ways that entail unprecedented consequences for the sexual life of today’s speaking beings.

Pierre Klossowski, who is putting pornography and theology together, said : “There is nothing more verbal than the excess of flesh …. A repeated description of the sexual act not only traces a transgression, it itself is a transgression of language through language”.

According to Freud the biggest difference between love life in ancient times and our, contains in that antic world was concentrated on a desire itself and now we are more focused on the object of desire. Just think about porn, in all available internet resources we have categories: european, latin, brunette, blond, BDSM or Hentai. This phenomena got its title as porn 2.0 but technologies are developing and porn too. So now we are having Porn 3.0 which will use 3D stereoscopic image, holograms and invention of doctor Andrew Junker. He invented a tool to measure our neurological, muscles and skeen activity in order to short response of our computer to our desire. This machine, Neuronal Impulse activator, is kind of mechanism of at least visual possession. Deleuze said : “we fully possess only what is already possessed, not just possessed by someone else (the other here is just an intermediary and, ultimately, does not exist), but possessed by another dead, or a ghost-spirit”.

How satarts pornographical movies, there is someone talking. In Front of the camera is a girl and voice behind the camera, voice without a body asking a questions about her identity : how old are you? It is your first time? And this is already sexual act itself because this speech is happening digitally. A skin of out pointing finger is touching display, which is a border between ourselves and nothing. Digital is a manipulation. We are touching with our skin our display as we are touching our lover, really gentle we are sefring on a body of unknown. This is caress, “delicate relation to the world” which we can open/ close, pinch, block and scroll.

When we are digital the other is presented in absence, but this other who is making for you list of your preferences, not giving you possibilities to control it, suggest what you could be interested in, doesn’t give you any pressure and ready to give you more every time, you just need to give a touch.

P.S presented on Performing arts forum ( France)

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